About Us

West Wail is a mixed farming enterprise. Comprising of the White Suffolk and Dohne Merino Studs, dry land cropping, self replacing Dohne flocks in conjunction with prime lamb production. We participate in health and quality assurance programs, such as Ovine Brucellosis Accreditation and have vaccinated all our breeding stock for Ovine Johnes Disease (OJD). Each year, West Wail offers approximately 100 White Suffolk and 60 Dohne rams at our Annual Ram Sale, as well as making a number of private sales throughout the year. We retain selected rams for our own stud with great results. Our rams are also used in our commercial mobs. WHITE SUFFOLK West Wail Stud produces White Suffolks that are highly fertile with excellent mothering characteristics which result in high lambing percentages and survival rates. Breeding lambs with sound structure, strong constitution, and exceptional growth and muscle. Our lambs are weighed at birth, weaning and post weaning and scanned for fat, muscle depth and muscle area measurements. Our objective is to breed Rams that are white, with clean points, high fertility and excellent muscle profile whilst maintaining length. West Wail White Suffolk’s have made an impact on commercial buyers within our region with growth in sales rising to 300 rams in 2011. DOHNE West Wail Dohne breeding was formed using a foundation flock breeding up program, along with annual assessments, a strict grading process, and the purchase of some embryos and semen. This has led to producing a fitter, healthier, stronger lamb as well as having higher lambing percentages, quicker growth rates with increased carcass size equaling better returns. West Wail Dohnes strives to achieve large carcass size, medium to fine micron wool and high lambing percentages. As a means of insurance our Dohne stud collects semen from what we believe to be top quality, with good index’s and true dohne breeding values.

West Wail Dohnes produce “fitter, healthier, and stronger lambs"