Dohne Merinos

dh new The Dohne today is a well-balanced dual-purpose breed that allows the commercial producer to market both a quality heavy weight slaughter lamb and fine-medium white wool. In general appearance the Dohne is naturally polled and plain-bodied. The Dohne is one of the leading wooled breeds in South Africa and its percentage of the national flock is still climbing. Recent importations of frozen embryos from selected South African ewes into Western and Eastern Australia has enabled the Australian sheep producer to access the best production benefits offered by the Dohne breed.


  • High Fertility: Dohne fertility rates can be as high as 150%, significantly higher than other popular sheep breeds.
  • Quick Lamb Growth: Lambs grow quickly and can reach 50kgs market weight at 6mths of age.
  • Wool: Ewes can produce 5-6 kg of high quality (18-22 micron) white wool.
  • Adaptability: The Dohne has adapted to a wide range of environmental conditions and produces well on different pastures.
  • Easy care: Fly Strike and Fleece Rot resistance is common.
  • Plain Bodies: Dohnes are a long, plain bodied sheep with few wrinkles and a large frame. There is potential for bare breech breeding.