Dohne Merino History

The West Wail Dohne Stud was founded in 2001. Since our inception as a Dohne breeder, we have been able to evaluate and work towards, what we believe to be the best dual purpose animal.

The breeding program has developed from F1 (First Cross), to F2 (Second Cross), to F3 (Third Cross) and in recent years has produced pure bred animals, with great results. Wool quality and style are a huge part of our selection criteria. We produce wool with a 19 – 21 micron average.

In 2007, West Wail purchased the top priced DD Dohne Stud Ram at the 7th Annual National Dohne Ram Sale in Dubbo. In 2008, West Wail was lucky winners of the 2008 Dohne Dollars Promotion, which enabled them to purchase semen and enter an AI program with their stud ewes.

In 2008, West Wail began selling Dohne rams privately. By 2010 we had increased our ewe numbers considerably with a self replacing flock this enabled us to hold our First Annual Dohne Sale at the Horsham Show Grounds.