White Suffolks

White Suffolk Page Under text1White Suffolk is an Australian breed of meat sheep developed for Australian conditions. It was developed from breeding programs involving the Suffolk breed, initially, crossed with a white breed. Work started on a breeding program in the mid 1970s. The Australian White Suffolk Association was established in 1985. The aim, to produce a breed that has all the Suffolk characteristics except the black point, while maintaining the superior growth rate and ability to produce carcasses ideally suited to all sections of the meat industry. The desirable breeding traits that should be pursued are less fat, larger carcasses, good conformation, fast growth and easy lambing. White Suffolk rams are renowned for their natural fertility and can be mated at any time of year. When mated to White Suffolk sires, ewes have minimal lambing problems. The smooth functional shape of the White Suffolk means the production of a high percentage of robust lambs.

  • White Suffolk Benefits
  • Ease of management/lambing
  • Elite lambs
  • Growth rates
  • High fertility • Adaptability

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