White Suffolk History

West Wail White Suffolk Stud is a continuation of Hampshire Downs stud sheep breeding that began in the early 1980s, by Stanley and Judith Ellis. With the purchase of rams from Detpa Grove in 1991 and three rams from the Melbourne Show in the early 1990’s, an intensive breeding up program began. West Wail White Suffolk Stud was then established in 1996.

In following years West Wail purchased sires from Allendale and Anden Studs allowing us to diversify our genetic pool, as ewe numbers increased from 60 to 670.

Recently West Wail sourced sires from a wide variety of studs to achieve a White Suffolk with sound constitution, high fertility and excellent growth rates. They have proven to be suited to a wide variety of environments, with repeat clients from high and low rainfall areas.

West Wail breeds White Suffolk rams for stud and commercial buyers to meet growing market demands.